Clean Energy Paradigm Shift | China Unveils Proposal for $50 Trillion Global Electricity Network | Stillness in the Storm

China recently proposed a plan to electrify the planet by linking clean energy production, such as solar farms, wind power, and electricity plants together.

In order to achieve this, $50 trillion of infrastructure would need to be invested in sustainability projects that won’t become active until 2050. It would require establishing international partnerships with almost every other nation on Earth, to centralize and coordinate depend and distribution needs.

This sounds like a benevolent development, but centralized power distribution systems are traditionally for-profit models. The energy industry isn’t accustomed to investing trillions of dollars into infrastructure projects that don’t pay off in the long term.

So one question I have is, who will pay for all this? And isn’t there cheaper free energy technology already available now?
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Over the past 100 years energy giants have kept a stranglehold on free energy scientific. While the world continued to pollute the planet and toil away with 19th Century technology (internal combustion), great advances were developed in secret. According to some whistleblowers and declassified documents, by the 1950s we antigravity propulsion and over unity devices capable of supplying limitless energy on demand.

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And now, decades later, a proposal to address energy sustainability is being put forth, but one that is based on antiquated methods. Solar and Wind energy is effective, but it’s comparable to using sail boats for shipping when diesel freight-liners are available.

Despite this history of suppression and manipulation regarding energy production, the Chinese proposal is good news I think. It indicates a major shift in consciousness has taken place.

The masses are profoundly ignorant and unaware, yet still recognize that humanity is destined for extinction unless something changes. And with the internet, younger generations are less complacent with adhering to a status quo that doesn’t make sense and is clearly destroying the planet for future generations.

The simple fact that a proposal like this is being taken seriously by the media, in and of itself, suggests that a paradigm shift in thinking has occurred. Instead of humanity blindly following what society says is possible, we are demanding change due to recognition of a global problem we all face. Of course, this an initial stage of collective awakening, but one that should not go unnoticed by the truther community because it is a pretext for global unity. Whether you are Russian, Chinese, Egyptian, Brazilian, Canadian, American, and so on—we’re all living and using the same planet, all our destinies are tied in this respect.

Recognition of this common ground is a paradigm shift for humanity, where we finally acknowledge that sustainability and abundance are the only truly lasting and moral solutions to all our collective needs.

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Source: Clean Energy Paradigm Shift | China Unveils Proposal for $50 Trillion Global Electricity Network | Stillness in the Storm


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