Obama: Donald Trump won’t be president – YouTube

This President is YOUR President, America!!!

Thus far, he’s always have faith in the Americans to make a wise choice for the general populace.

For years and years, the ‘sheeples’ believe everything that was being ‘brainwashed’ that ‘war’ was the only choice. Those who perished in wars weren’t ‘heros’. They got brainwashed by the extreme Bush era that they were ‘heroes’.

People who invade other countries and kill in the name of ‘culling terrorists’ are not ‘heroes’.

True, it’s not their ‘fault’ because they got brainwashed.

But this current President Obama of the USA, has worked for almost 8 years of his life to try to salvage the economy and to continue to ‘fight’ for those who voices weren’t ‘heard’ because they don’t have the ‘money’.

President Obama came into ‘Being’, was due to the consolidation of the Americans’ consciousness.

Listen to this video and tell me that this president didn’t work for the people and ‘controlling guns’ isn’t about the people.

He’s like a ‘father’ to the Americans, because he’s just trying to make the world a better place for those who don’t know how to police themselves .. and going round to sell guns to those who seek to ‘kill’ for ‘revenge’ … and the situation is getting worse.

Go ahead and tell me that the Americans are going to ‘arrest’ this very kind man who doesn’t ‘hate’ or think ‘less’ of anyone . .or those who has been ‘working against’ him.

Go ahead and tell me that he is a ‘clone’ .. and yet you will listen to his words that he has faith in the Americans .. shame on you, America!!!

Shame on You!!!!



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