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Shem from Discerning The Mystery extensively covered David Wilcock’s Saturday night presentation from the Consciousness Life Expo this year. For those who have been following Wilcock over years, this will be more of a review. However, there are new perspectives on the information brought forth. This kind of data is helpful to learn because of the supportive evidence provided by Wilcock, which helps lend credibility to the overall narrative, improving communicability when sharing it with others.

quote {{

The bottom line is that, this is real.

Part of this Alliance wants this full disclosure to happen, but within this alliance, not everyone is on the same page.

There is an issue with the Alliance. China, among other factions, wants to delay full disclosure for another 100 years. They say that the Federal Reserve got their chance (one century) to control the world economy, and they should have their chance. To add to this complication, the cabal has infiltrated the Earth Alliance, and is causing division to an extent. They are pushing for this partial-disclosure plan to tell some of the truth, but to keep the more embarrassing aspects completely hidden.

They want to give us money, and a small amount of advanced technology. They basically want us to be fat and happy (just like “couch potato”-kid), and in exchange, they will tell us only some of the truth–ultimately keeping us under control. This is not at all beneficial to the whole of humanity.

(David shared his method of disclosure as deliberately revealing new information in front of large crowds. By doing this, he covers himself so that the information can be recorded, and so that there is no way that it can be completely forgotten.)

For this partial disclosure, the cabal planned to reveal the truth about the ancient builder race, 9/11, and the crimes of the Bush administration. Along with this, they planned to give out more funny money as a bribe. This money would not be much different than what we have now. It would still be based upon “Babylonian, money magic”. In exchange for all of this, they would still get their New World Order, and most likely get another century to try and wipe out three quarters of the population. As Wilcock stated (and I would have to agree), it would not be a good idea to accept gifts/bribes from such people.

This cabal has been working on the partial disclosure since the 80’s. (They may have to change this plan though, as Wilcock disclosed the plan at the CLE in such a big way. This may be a good thing.)

So we know general information about this partial disclosure. Lets see what it truly looks like.

The X-Files reboot aired after 14 years of absolutely no word from this title. It seems out of place.

If you haven’t already noticed, this poster is more than it appears to be. It serves as a prime example of Illuminati tactics.

The Illuminati give you clues of their true identity. This is because, according to their religion, if you don’t see their clues, this equates to consent, and they can proceed with whatever plan they are telegraphing. It’s as though they rub the truth in your face, but at the same time, they don’t want you to see it.

As David said, the first and second episodes of this X-Files reboot are most relevant. It’s basically a documentary/data download. They go over chem-trails, the banks, UFO’s, martial law, NWO and more. As the show exemplifies, part of the partial disclosure narrative is that there are no extra terrestrials. They cover the subject in the beginning, but instead of coming out with this, they replace it with the idea that they spliced human children with alien DNA, and that all of the ‘greys’ that we see are actually human children. The cabal is trying to sell us this partial disclosure so that they can maintain control.

On the surface there is this message of partial disclosure, but underneath, the message is much different.

Lets look at the image.

When we flip this image, we get closer to the truth behind this reboot. Of course we see the Illuminati trademark (the all-seeing eye). Notice both eyes are looking at the pyramidal eye. This is their way of telling you that this is their platform and that they are the ones speaking.

This is not accidental. The Illuminati practices black magic, and believe that they have to show their face in whatever they do.

This is their version of a cosmic free-will principle.

 Here is an overlay of the poster and Masonic symbol. These two images line up perfectly. There was absolutely no photo-manipulation required. Their chins are lined up perfectly with the Masonic square. The slopes of their collars are exactly in line with the Masonic compass. The representative “eye” at the top of the upside-down pyramid lines up with the compass hinge. The lower pyramid has a black triangle counterpart which points to the G. (The G means “god”, which is actually their god, Lucifer.)

They deliberately designed the poster around the Masonic square and compass.

This is the Illuminati version of a spell. This is them telling us that it’s a spell. They want to introduce these ideas so that people don’t notice. They think that if people are too dull to see them, then they deserve to be enslaved, but if we see what they are doing, they can’t proceed. }} unquote

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Source: Conscious Life Expo – David Wilcock Presentation Notes: New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More | Stillness in the Storm

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