Feng Shui Cures, how and when to cleanse and energize – By Rodika Tchi


Part One

What Should You Do with Your Annual Feng Shui Cures?

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annual feng shui cures - reuse or discard

A variety of objects are used as annual feng shui cures – from crystals and stones to more specific feng shui items such as the Pi Yao, Chi Lins, Fu Digs and other symbols.

Trinette Read / Getty


If you are an avid follower of feng shui1, you are certainly familiar with the annual feng shui updates. Tracing the movement of the so-called good and bad feng shui stars, or energies, the classical feng shui school called the flying star 2school reccommends every new year a specific placement of feng shui cures in one’s home and office 3in order to avoid the potential negative energy, as well as strengthen and welcome the auspicious energy.


The feng shui stars, or energies, follow a certain pattern of movement that is calculated in advance and cures are placed on or before Chinese New Year4 (lunar, not solar). We have all the annual updates for home5 and office available to you, along with photos and online sources where you can buy your annual feng shui cures.



What do you do with your existing annual feng shui cures, though, when it is time to apply the new year updates? Do you discard your feng shui cures and buy new ones or do you reuse them?


As this is a question that cannot be answered by a simple “Yes or “No” answer, let’s explore it in more detail.


There are many popular annual feng shui cures, and it is important to distinguish between the cures that are placed to increase and stabilize the positive/auspicious energy9 and the cures that are there to protect and neutralize the negative energy.


It goes without saying that the annual feng shui cures that are placed for protection 10will accumulate a lot of negative energy, while the cures that are placed to strengthen and anchor the auspicious energy will mostly absorb only positive energy.


So, my first advice, before deciding what should you do with your annual feng shui cures11 is to divide them into “protectors” and “enhancers”. Many feng shui cures can sure go into both categories, so your decision will be based on how a specific cure was used this year.


PROTECTORS. These are the feng shui cures that  you used in the challenging areas of your  home or office bagua.  Some of the most popular annual cures that go into the “protectors” category are the salt water cure12, the Pi Yao / Pi Xiu,13 the Chi Lin14, the Fu Dogs15, the 6 rod metal wind chimes16, etc.


ENHANCERS. These feng shui cures are placed in the bagua17 areas of your home or office that host the auspicious stars of the year. The most popular positive energy enhancers are the gem, or crystal money tree18, the Laughing Buddha19, Chinese coins, the lucky bamboo20, fountains, the Money Frog,21 etc.


BOTH FUNCTIONS. Many feng shui cures – such as the Medicine Buddha22, the Wu Lou, the Dzi 23beads, Kwan Yin24, the Dragon25, the elephant26, 3, 6 or 9 Chinese coins27, various crystals and stones can be used in both challenging, as well as auspisious energy areas.


Your decision as to whether to reuse or discard an existing feng shui cure will depend on 2 factors:


  • how a specific cure was used throughout the year
  • the material that your feng shui cure is made of.


If your feng shui cure is made of durable, good quality material such as various crystals and stones28, brass, high quality glass or polished wood, in most cases  you will not discard it but rather cleanse it thoroughly, and then activate it. (I will explain how to do that shortly.)


By the same token, if you used a feng shui cure that is made from low quality material (plastic, resin, etc) you will be better off discarding it and buying a new feng shui cure.29


There is only one very popular annual feng shui cure that is never reused – the salt water feng shui cure30. Often this cure is changed several times during the year; this happens if the salt water cure absorbs too much negative energy and looks like it cannot do its job anymore.


You will also discard a feng shui cure if it has broken parts, of course.


In rare cases a crystal or a stone will absorb an overwhelming amount of negativity that will not be released during regular crystal cleansing31. In this case, it is always best to burry the crystal back into the earth (or give it to a natural body of water).


The “protectors” feng shui cures are usually the ones that need the most cleansing (or even discarding).


To sum it up, there are 2 ways to deal with your annual feng shui cures32:


  1. Reuse them (after cleansing and energizing)
  2. Let them go/discard them.


As we already looked into the cures that are OK to discard, let’s see how you can cleanse and energize the existing annual feng shui cures that you want to keep.


Part Two


How To Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures

Your feng shui cures need to be cleansed regularly


feng shui cures cleanse

All your home and office feng shui cures need to be regularly cleansed (on the physical, as well as the energy level).

Sally K Brown / Getty Images

READ PART I: What Should You Do with Your Annual Feng Shui Cures?1

As feng shui2 is all about good energy (Sheng Chi3), it is important to know how to keep your feng shui cures active and full of energy. Of course, it goes without saying that you also have to keep the energy of your home4 (or office) fresh and clear, too!

In case of any space, be it home or office5, it is advised to do regular space clearing6 sessions, be it weekly, monthly, or whenever you experience negative events in your home.

How do you know how often to clear and energize your feng shui cures7, though? And how do you actually clear and energize a feng shui cure?

Here are 3 important factors to consider:

  1. In case of annual feng shui cures8, you should always cleanse and energize them before reusing them next year. This applies only to items made from high quality materials.

2. You should also cleanse and energize a feng shui cure before using it for the first time.

3. If you feel like your feng shui cure has lost its energy or has accumulated a lot of negativity, it is always a good idea to clear it as soon as you feel it needs cleansing.


How To Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures

Start with the obvious cleansing of the physical surface of your feng shui cure, such as removing dust, polishing, etc.

Next, clear your feng shui cure on an energy level; here you can experiment with several different ways.

You can choose one (or all) of the methods below:

  • Leave your cure in the moonlight or sunlight (depending on the energy it most needs – yin or yang9.) If this method does not appeal to you, use the moon or sun energy to charge water to cleanse your cure. This basically means you leave a container with water under moonlight and/or sunlight for at least 24 hours (best 72 hrs) , and then you use this water to clear the energy of your feng shui cure.


  • Smudging10 around your cure with sage or good quality incense then leaving it on a candle lit home altar11 for at least 6-9 hours will also purify its energy.


  • Salt is known for its purifying properties so you can use salt in cleaning your feng shui cures12, but only if or when appropriate, of course! By the same token, you can make salt water, and use salt water for cleaning the surface of your cure.

Because there is such a wide variety of feng shui cures, there will also be a variety of ways to clear their energy; here are some examples to make it easier for you.


Specific Methods for Various Feng Shui Cures

  • For feng shui cures made from crystals and stones (actual crystals13 or statues/items made from stones) you can use all of the methods above – sun, moon, sage or incense and candles14 or salt. You can also bury your crystal or items made form crystals in salt for 3 days for a deep cleansing effect.


  • For feng shui cures made of brass, iron, silver, etc (various statues and items such as Chinese coins15, wind chimes, etc) the best methods are sun or moon water, as well as sage or incense and candles/fire energy.


  • Alive feng shui cures such as plants and fish16 (aquarium) 17will benefit from the sage and incense (space clearing18 techniques), as well as from moving them to a new location for at least several days to refresh their energy.


  • For feng shui cures that are part of your home19 or office decor such as tall lights, specific feng shui art20, wooden sculptures, etc the space clearing steps (smudging21 & incense) are the best, as well as moving them temporarily to a new location.


Best Timing

  • The 3 days period (72 hrs) is the typical time one would use to allow for the cleansing of a feng shui cure; you can also use the 7 days period (168 hrs) if needed.
  • Another detail that is often taken into consideration is the moon cycle. Usually cleansing is best done when the moon is waning (the time between the full and the new moon).
  • Start the process of cleansing your feng shui cures when the energy of the day is at its highest peak (11AM to 1PM). Never start the cleansing process at night.

Once you have cleansed your cure, the next step is to energize it.

READ: How To Energize Your Feng Shui Cures22



Part Three



How To Energize Your Feng Shui Cures

Learn to energize your feng shui cures before using them



energize feng shui cures

There are several ways to energize a feng shui cure before using it in any of your home or office bagua areas. The 3 secrets reinforcement cure is the most powerful way to activate a feng shui cure.

Thomas Kokta / Getty Images


PART 1: What Should You Do with Your Annual Feng Shui Cures?1


PART 2: How To Cleanse Your Feng Shui Cures2


PART 3: How To Energize Your Feng Shui Cures


In order for a feng shui cure to do its work for your home3 or office, the item has to be in the best possible condition. This means your feng shui cure is made of high quality material, is used properly, it looks and feels fresh and is active and full of energy.


This is especially important if you want to reuse your annual “protectors” feng shui cures4, because they usually accumulate a lot of negative energy.


It is also important to energize a feng shui cure when you first bring it home, meaning before using the item as a feng shui cure in any of the bagua areas of your home or office5.


Prior to energizing a feng shui cure, you should cleanse it thoroughly6 on both physical, as well as energy levels.


Once your feng shui cure is cleansed, follow the easy steps below to energize it.




How To Energize Your Feng Shui Cures




  • Choose a high energy time of the day (between 11AM and 1PM) to energize/activate your feng shui cure.




  • Best time period for activating a feng shui cure is during the waxing cycle of the moon (between the new and full moon).




  • Use the 3 secrets7 reinforcement cure, or method,  to activate your feng shui cures. You can also choose a variation of this method once you understand the body-mind-speech secret8.


How To Use The 3 Secrets Reinforcement Method9




  • While you can certainly activate your annual feng shui all cures at once, I suggest activating each cure separately by focusing on your intent, or your goal for placing a specific feng shui cure.




  • For best results, activate/energize your feng shui cures immediately after cleansing10 them.




  • Place your feng shui cures in their intended bagua areas11 shortly after activating them.




  • Once your feng shui cures are activated and placed in their intended bagua areas, you can “seal” their energy by lighting a candle12 and burning incense in that area, while keeping silent/quiet and visualizing the result you want.




You can follow these steps exactly or come up with your own version of activating a feng shui cure, but first be sure you understand the meaning of activating a feng shui cure13 before using it. You are infusing a cure with a specific energy, so the more clear you are, the better the results will be.


Your feng shui cures – when well cleansed14 and activated – act like the best possible employees one could ask for. You give them a clear assignment and they get the job done perfectly.


As a skillful manager, your job is to watch and see if or when their energy gets depleted; and then promptly take the required steps to cleanse/revitalize their energy.

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