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Namaste Earth Families,

I’ve been extremely tired and sleepy the whole day on Monday. I was very active for the past week …. outside in the garden .. clearing, cleaning, weeding, planting, transplanting etc etc. The garden seems more settled and ready for the new plants to get established whilst I’m away for my trip. It must have been the ‘grounding’, cleansing and balancing with Mother Earth during those active days that I’m feeling extremely tired and needing more sleep and rest to adjust and balance my physical body.

Apart from the usual garden chores and spring cleaning our home, I’m also preparing for my trip back to my ‘physical human birth place’ and I’ve already started to pack. Needless to say that my families, friends and extended families (don’t ask … my one single set of grandparents – Mother’s parents – had 11 sons and 6 daughters) are all excited (although some of them have passed on whilst I’m here in USA) that I’m going back to reconnect with them and I’m sure that 7 weeks aren’t going to be ‘enough’ to go round visiting them but it is what it is. I’ve more than 200 cousins and not mentioning nieces, nephews and grand nieces and nephews … phew ….. such abundance. Our families are very blessed indeed!

The tiredness and sleepiness can’t be ignored and although I’ve so much to do … I had to go lay down and rest as much as I can … so that I’ll be fit enough to face a long 28hr journey on flight. So .. please excuse me if I don’t visit all of you, frequently enough from this week forth till early July …

Know that I’m forever (Our Now is Forever) constantly working during this great transition and have already sent Reiki blessings ahead of my trip to bless all that I meet, places I’m going to visit and all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants ….. showering all blessings as far as the aircraft will take me.

Praying Hands photo: praying hands lotusspirit.jpg

I know that there aren’t any ‘physical boundaries’ (it’s an illusion) .. but being human .. it’s a ‘habit’ to note that whilst we’re physically ‘flying’ above during flight .. it’s special to just keep on blessing with my ‘Universal Invisible Magic Wand’ while I’m up there .. somewhere … a fantasy flight .. on the side 😉

This is still a ‘working’ trip for me as far as I AM concerned.

Sending much love and Reiki blessings to All who visits – I’ll miss going online and visiting all of You and during the days when I’m too busy and tired but forever in my heart.

May all abundance of love, grace, blessings, peace, comfort, joy and compassion be showered upon Mother Earth and All her Inhabitants and so it is. 




Intensities of Gaia Transform Energies are Maximizing…

6 May

gaia_energy1The intensity of all energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, on all Higher D levels is increasing, and will soon maximize. The purpose of this “maximization” is to first, burn off all lower dross that has infected Gaia for millenia, and second, to peak the energetics of each individual Hue-man upon Gaia at this time.


This is to be followed by a lessening (rather, a stabilization) of the intensities to allow for integration. No further intense energy increases are anticipated for the following week to next several days.


Many have felt strong emotional responses to these current energetic patterns, and are intuitively sensing that it is for the benefit of all, and that it is a phase through which all humanity, and Hue-manity, must pass.


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