GaiaPortal: Clearing Process Facilitated by Portal Stillness – by ÉirePort

Namaste Earth Families,

I feel that this current period is giving us a ‘stillness’ which some of us may ‘interpret’ it as a ‘false sense of security’ or ‘over-confidence’ and that some leeway/margin will have to be put into place in every situation that we encounter. Example: Some may ‘feel’ or ‘think’ that they have some extra money to spend in buying something nice for Spring etc .. which is quite true .. but please stay on the cautious side and don’t spend too much of the ‘extra’ bit of money even though the ‘sales’ may be tempting and hard to come by.

Today, I bought a few plants online because I ‘feel’ that I have that extra $30 to spend … to welcome and absorb the revival of life which the Spring energy has to offer, into our home but I forgot that I have to pay for the shipping charges which was almost $9.00 .. and .. that is not in my budget because I only bought 3 types of plants which was on sale and the shipping charges ran the bill up and I went over my budget and I wasn’t willing to let go of the plants which I’ve already spiritually welcomed into our home when I was taking my time to ‘choose’ them.

I’ve not been buying plans online for a long while as I would usually buy one or two plants at the big stores only when it’s on sale .. or buy the remnants which had broken branches or .. looks ‘beaten up’ through rough handling .. and I would bring them back and replant them into the ground with better soil and with much TLC etc. Well .. that’s what I’ve just experienced today … making the decision to buy plants online and ended up .. spending more than I wish and instead of paying for the shipping charges . .I could have gotten 2 plants more ‘if’ I had waited and gone to the big store instead.

So … yes …. a ‘purchase’ using money is 3D and the act of wishing to bring in higher energy into our home is higher consciousness … and the lesson is .. I should have waited for another few more days before deciding to purchase the plants but the 3D thoughts and logic that I won’t get this ‘cheap’ offer if I were to delay … did put me in this ‘spot’.

Any avid gardener will know that if they don’t purchase the plants which they’ve been wanting to get in the ‘Now’ … will end up not buying it later on … at least .. that’s what I’ve been doing .. and I will end up  thinking … if only I had bought that cherry tree which I’ve desired so much …. 3yrs ago .. I would already have the joy in picking the fruits this year… sigh …. it’s darn hard to be human.



Clearing Process Facilitated by Portal Stillness

2 Apr

gaia_energy1[Éireport note: this communication references the previous post of 3-31-13]

As energetic cloud layers are cleared, many sense stillness, even what could be expressed as “stagnancy”.

Whereas Gaia transformation portals have previously been highly active, the clearing process is facilitated by portal stillness.

Caution in regard to decision-making and Higher Discernment in all affairs, particularly involving movements, whether 3D or energetic, is advised at this now moment.


Previous post of 31st March 2013:


Layers of Energetic Clouds are being Removed

31 Mar

gaia_energy1Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. “End date” being flexible as required.

Post-layer-removal brings clarity of Higher Thought, Higher Purpose, Higher Awareness. And will feel to the Higher (and 3D) Senses as a clear, bright sky, and cool breeze.

Gaia Ascension Process is in full movement at this time.

We encourage releasing of all prior concepts regarding the nature of Ascension. “Allowing” and “accepting” and “conscious participating” are key.


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