Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix – Realization of Self – Transformation of collective Consciousness – Key to Enlightenment

Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix – Realization of Self – Transformation of collective Consciousness – Key to Enlightenment

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

love-magnetGreetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well and are embracing and enjoying the new energies. The channeling that you are about to read talks about how our reality is changing daily and that we are able to literally “see” magic unfold before us. Many of you are sharing amazing stories with me of seeing your guides, communicating with other realms, and most importantly seeing things more clearly.

You are becoming much more in tune with all that is. One of the examples of being in tune would be, you walking down the street thinking about something when all of a sudden one after another confirmation begin to appear, sometimes in the ways of words, where someone is talking about what you were just thinking about! Sometimes in images, such as your eyes suddenly fixating on a bumper sticker on a car that seemingly has the answer you…

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Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – 19 October 19 2015 – This is a repost for those who are also preparing for pole shift and climate changes


Matthew Ward – October 19, 2015

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Earth is orbiting in astral planes wherein vibrations are impacting your society at a quickening pace. As linear time is “crunching up,” everything in your world is being pushed more swiftly toward remedy, resolution or final moment, and third density karmic experiences are moving faster toward completion.

This acceleration is causing the Illuminati to take irrationally desperate measures to cling to their remnants of control in New York City and Washington, DC. Often fingers have pointed at the United States for self-serving interference in other countries’ affairs, and with justification—all significant federal actions from Day One have been the work of individuals in the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction within that nation’s government and military forces, all without the knowledge of the citizenry, who mistakenly thought their voices and votes counted.

Let us tell you what evolved civilizations have long observed about your world. People ruled by other corrupt governments knew they were captives of their political systems; however, only recently and only some United States citizens are realizing that they’ve been duped into believing they lived in “the land of the free” and what they’ve been told generation after generation: We must fight our enemies who want to destroy our freedoms and democratic way of life.

Thus, as your world reels from aerial strikes on Doctors without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, a tragedy stemming from Illuminati madness, the blame falls on the United States via the wrongful assumption that the country’s Commander-in-Chief authorized the unconscionable attack. The fact is, behind the scenes President Obama and others in positions of influence—primarily individuals in the US and in China; Israelis who know Netanyahu’s dark intentions to foment WWIII; Russian President Vladimir Putin; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; and Pope Francis—have been collaborating to uproot all of the far-reaching tentacles of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller and Rothschild factions.

That attack on the hospital; explosions at a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey; clashes between Israelis and Palestinians; the situation in Syria; and shootings in the United States have caused some to view deadly violence and other prevalent conditions globally as “unsolvable problems.” Dear ones, none of the issues of your concern, which also include effects of climate change, lack of clean water, deforestation, near extinction of some animals, diminishing bee population, widespread surveillance, unjust legal and justice systems, enforced vaccinations, massive impoverishment and rampant pollution as well as war mentality, bigotry, greed and ignorance of truths is unsolvable!

Everything happening in your world is due to Earth’s ascension into increasingly lighter energy planes wherein negatively-based activity is more quickly and emphatically running out its energetic course. However, in some circles this is deemed evidence that “end times” are at hand. We know this isn’t your belief, but we think you will enjoy knowing what God told my mother about that concept several years ago:

“Those souls who are intent upon having an Armageddon, so they shall! But for you who aren’t intent upon having that sort of ‘future,” you WON’T! You can stay within the light and rise into higher and higher dimensions of closeness, understanding, awareness. There are no strict rules that are so complex or rigorous that you and anyone else aren’t capable of adhering to them. All that is required is to live within the light! Or in simplest terms: BE KIND.”

And, with thanks to the light—the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos—your world is overflowing with kindness and godly works as more and more people are “seeing the light.” Joyously greet this unfolding of consciousness connecting with soul-level knowledge—this, not bodies rising into the skies, is personal ascension—the shedding of all of third density’s negative characteristics and harmful behavior to self and others.

As for other aforementioned issues of concern, first we say, do not be fearful about anything! We cannot say too often that the energy of fear refuels those with dark tendencies and the universal law of attraction is in constant operation!

Now then, to address those issues. Harsh effects of climate change will ease as Earth gets closer to attaining her once-moderate climate worldwide; if necessary, residents of sea-level island areas will be relocated in plenty of time to avert danger. Ongoing assistance of your universal family includes neutralizing or ameliorating harmful effects of toxic elements in vaccines and all sources of pollution; and, added to your own technologies that are emerging from Illuminati suppression, your family will introduce advanced technologies that can remedy environmental damage so quickly that you will be astounded. Bees will return and eventually wildlife will rebound to sustainable numbers except for the few species in arctic climes that will not adapt to those areas’ rising temperatures. Peaceful, trustworthy behavior in your society will end the need for surveillance; all unfair or injurious national laws, justice systems, regulations, and cultural traditions will end incrementally; and, as your world’s resources are fairly allocated, poverty will be eliminated.

It is Gaia’s desire and intention that her planetary body be restored to its original health and beauty and Earth’s humankind flourish in abundance and live in harmony with each other and all of Nature. And so it shall be! Planetary ascension—the world transformation process that you went to Earth to assist in—is assured! Personal ascension is a choice that each person makes, and part of attaining spiritual and conscious enlightenment is knowing the soul you are. Most heartily we have welcomed all of your relevant questions and now shall answer those for which there was no space in previous messages.

“How do I ‘go within’ to ask a question and how will I know if the answer is from soul level or my conscious thought?” In solitude and comfort, visualize yourself in the midst of golden white light, think or say aloud what you want to know, then quiet your mind and simply BE. You may want to see if meditative music is relaxing or a distraction, and it could be helpful to ask first a question that can be answered “yes” or “no.” The answer may come immediately or take a few moments, and when it does, it may be a word, phrase or sentence, which may be audible or appear as a printed sign or move in tickertape fashion; or one or more mental images; or a sensation that clearly indicates “yes” or “no.”

If what you see, hear or strongly sense is similar to what you had been thinking, or hoping for, prior to “going within,” it doesn’t mean that the answer is your own thought; it could be confirmation that your conscious thought and soul knowledge expressed as intuition are closely connected. And, please don’t be disheartened if nothing happens at first try, or even a few times—like every other worthwhile endeavor, practice leads to improvement.

“Was it the person Jesus or his soul who knew how to walk on water and turn a few fish and bread loaves into enough food for the multitudes or were those stories made up to substantiate the claim that he is ‘the only son of God’?” Jesus and his soul were one and the same being, just as every other soul-self is. He knew that everyone has the innate capacity to manifest whatever the person desires and can visualize; that’s why his teachings included that whatever he could do, everyone else could, too. He did walk slightly above water on an occasion when there was a need to do so, and one time there was a need to turn a small amount of food into enough for a hungry crowd. I noted both in my journal.

A conversation with my mother soon after we started communicating in 1994, when I was still living in Nirvana, answers a number of queries about the soul’s origin and its relationship with the cumulative soul, and I’ve asked her to copy those parts.

The soul is the very essence of life as it first sprang from Creator. It is an indestructible living entity of light energy that may have a physical body, etheric body or astral body, or it may exist in free spirit only. Our souls, manifested by God through His co-creating powers with Creator, are expressions of the love and light of God and contain in microcosm every essence of God. In any of its forms, the soul is an inviolate independent being at the same time it exists inseparably with God and Creator and all other souls.

The soul is the power behind everything that exists on Earth. It is the life force of all its parts that it creates for ever-greater experiencing. At every level of evolvement, each soul part is an independent self with intelligence, characteristics, choices, goals and all the other life elements that make each person a unique being.

Each individual lifetime of a soul is its personage. The sum of a soul’s personages is the cumulative soul, and all knowledge gained by each personage is available to all. Thus, as each one melds into the cumulative soul, bringing the wisdom of that lifetime’s experiences, every individual personage evolves just as the cumulative soul does. I believe the simplest explanation of the cumulative soul is this: It is the composite of all its parts starting with the very first division of itself into an independent lifetime for diversity in experiencing.

Where do cumulative souls reside?

There is no specific place of residence because a cumulative soul is not an individual entity, but rather the indivisible sum of all its personages wherever they are living, and it grows as each one adds its lifetime experiences to the ever-changing composite. Actually, a better description of a cumulative soul than I first gave you is that it is a force field that derives its entire essence from all its aspects wherever they are throughout the universe.

Do you personally know the other personages in your cumulative soul or do you only have access to their knowledge?

I know those who are in this realm and some of us have become friends. Some are spending a lifetime on Earth, and I know very well who they are! Some have moved so far toward the light that our energy densities are incompatible, so a meeting isn’t possible, and others have regressed far from the light into lower densities, and I’m surely not interested in going there! Some have chosen lifetimes out of this galaxy, where I don’t travel often, so I’m barely acquainted with them.

Each has its own soul growth to accomplish, Mother. Wherever the other personages are experiencing for their individual growth, we’re always within the familial bonding of our cumulative soul. But it isn’t necessary that we meet or share lifetime interests or know all the details of each other’s lives. What we do share is the essential knowledge of our collective awareness, otherwise all the individual souls’ learning would be wasted.

The cumulative soul can advance from its station toward the light only by the advancement of its personages. Therefore, each one not only has the benefit of the cumulative soul’s composite knowledge, but it is continuously given encouragement at soul level to master its chosen lessons so the cumulative soul can evolve. However, that is not self-serving—with that soul’s advancement, all of its personages also have the opportunity to evolve. But, depending upon the free will choices of each, the personage can either grow toward the light or regress so far as to become trapped in base energy.

If a personage becomes trapped, how does that affect its cumulative soul’s energy?

The lifetime energy registration that consigns a personage to the base energy placement does not affect its cumulative soul because that personage’s unique energy stream made its own way entirely by its free will choices. The cumulative soul may encourage its personages, but it can’t ever interfere with their free will. However, out of love for all its personages, the cumulative soul may request divine grace to assist any that become trapped in base energy.

Are the individual souls always aware of everything their cumulative soul knows? ..

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Source: Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – October 19, 2015

The Hierarcy of the Seven Rays – Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians on


Upon each of the seven rays: Archangels lead the Angelic Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Will and the Divine Virtue of Power. Elohim lead the Devic Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Form and the Divine Virtue of Wisdom. Ascended Masters lead the Human Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Consciousness …

Source: The Hierarcy of the Seven Rays – Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians on

Awakening with Suzanne Lie: We Are NOT Alone! by Suzanne Lie and Archangel Zadkiel

I am of the First Ray – The Blue Ray – Angelic Kingdom. Most of us have been ‘activated’ many years ago … WE are ready!!

The First Ray: The Keepers of Flame
When the Divine Father separated from the Heart of the One to become The First Ray, the evolutionary group of the Angelic Kingdom sprung forth. The Angels are closest to the Heart of the One of all the Kingdoms and serve to uphold the Divine Will and Power of the Source.

Therefore, they are the Keepers of Flame led by their Archangels who protect
The Flame of Divine Will, which is manifested as:
The Divine Quality of Power.


Michael and Faith (Archangels)

Defenders of: Power, Faith and Protection


We Are NOT Alone! by Suzanne Lie and Archangel Zadkiel


Hello, dear readers,
I am being faced with some life changes that are not really of my choice. I imagine that many of you are having that same experience. It is the NOW for us to look our life in the face and say,

“I AM ready to see the TRUTH, even if I do not like it.”
The other night I was falling asleep, as well as falling into depression, when suddenly my dear, beloved Archangel Zadkiel sweept me up in his magnificent wings and comforted me with unconditional love as I fell off to sleep.

I have felt his presence every since, that is when I am not too busy with my drama. This experience reminded me of my roots when I first learned about “The Seven Rays and OUR powers of creation.
Therefore, I retrieved the below information from my website and put this information together to remind me (and hopefully you) that:
There is a Spiritual Structure that is a “safety net” to use in this time of great change.

You will find that article on my website HERE  and you can download it HERE



Blessings to you ALL


The Seven Rays and OUR Power of Creation

Within the Source, all is One and there is no separation. Just as light divides into seven colors when it travels through a prism, the Source divides into Seven Rays when it travels through the prism of separation and down into the fourth, and then the third, dimensions. These Seven Rays represent the Seven Divine Qualities of the Source.

The First Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Father and His Divine Will manifested into the quality of Power.

Therefore, The First Ray is the Quality of Power.

The Second Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Mother and Her Form manifested in the quality of Wisdom.

Therefore, The Second Ray is the Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, which separates out from the union of the First Ray/Divine Father and the Second Ray/Divine Mother, is the essence of the Divine Child and his or her Consciousness, manifested in the quality of Love.

Therefore, The Third Ray is the Quality of Love.

Just as the Third Ray separates out from the union of the first two rays, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, rays four through seven separate out from the Third Ray, the Divine Child.

Rays four through seven represent the qualities that the Child of Father/God and Mother/Goddess should possess in his or her manifested reality if he or she is ever to return to God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.

The Fourth Ray represents the quality of Purity, which will allow the Divine Child to ascend back into God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.

Therefore, The Fourth Ray is the Quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray represents the quality of Truth, which will allow the Divine Child to heal him- or herself and to progress scientifically.

Therefore, The Fifth Ray is the Quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray represents the quality of Invocation, which will allow the Divine Child to call upon God/Goddess/All That IS.

Therefore, The Sixth Ray is the Quality of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents the quality of Precipitation, which will allow the Divine Child to evolve into God or Goddess through precipitation, or manifestation, on the lower dimensions.

Therefore, The Seventh Ray is the Quality of Precipitation.

Each individual human Soul is an emissary of one of the Seven Rays,

and through many lifetimes, the qualities of that Ray are developed and

refined to contribute to the further evolution of humanity.

Each individual also possess portions of the other six rays as well.

These Seven Rays, which exist in Unity in the higher dimensions,

represent the seven natural divisions of all Source

as It expresses Itself in the fourth and third dimension.

The Seven Rays and their colors are:

The Ascended Masters are:

The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the

Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions

The First Three Rays

The first three rays to separate from the Heart of the One became the three evolutionary groups of our Universe. These three evolutionary groups serve the Heart of the One as:

The Keepers of Flame,

The Keepers of Form, and

The Keepers of Mind


The First Ray: The Keepers of Flame

When the Divine Father separated from the Heart of the One to become The First Ray, the evolutionary group of the Angelic Kingdom sprung forth. The Angels are closest to the Heart of the One of all the Kingdoms and serve to uphold the Divine Will and Power of the Source.

Therefore, they are the Keepers of Flame led by their Archangels who protect

The Flame of Divine Will, which is manifested as:

The Divine Quality of Power.


The Second Ray: The Keepers of Form

When the Divine Mother separated from the Heart of the One to become The Second Ray, the evolutionary group of the Devic Kingdom sprung forth. The elementals and devas, led by the Elohim, serve to uphold the Wisdom that can be gained through taking form in the lower dimensions.

Therefore, they are the Keepers of Form who protect the image of Divine Form

as it manifests on the third and fourth dimensions.


THE SECOND RAY: The Keepers of Mind

When the Divine Child separated from the Divine Father and Mother to become the Third Ray, the evolutionary group of the Human Kingdom sprung forth. Humanity, led by the Ascended Masters, serves to uphold Higher Consciousness and the quality of Love. Therefore, humanity is the Keeper of Mind and serves to ground higher consciousness, which stems from pure love, in the lower dimensions.

These “Keepers”

ARE the evolutionary groups of life in our cosmos, which, through mutual co-operation, are responsible for the fulfillment of the Source’s creation. Life exists independently in each of these life evolutions, but they work in unity towards their service to the Source.

The Angelic Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Flame

to uphold the virtue of Divine Will.

Even though the Angels work to uphold the masculine/Father aspect of Will, they use the feminine, Mother aspect of Love and Emotion to accomplish their service.

The Devic Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Form

to uphold the virtue of Divine Form.

Even though the Devas work to uphold the feminine, Mother aspect of Form, they use the masculine/Father aspect of Will and Thought to accomplish their service.

The Human Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Mind

to uphold the virtue of Divine Consciousness.

It is humanity’s challenge to combine emotions and thoughts to ground the Divine Qualities on the third dimension.

The Four Lower Rays are off-shoots of Third Ray.

These four lower rays are known as the Rays of Attribute, and they serve to further define the Seven Qualities of the Source:

The Fourth Ray represents the dispensation to humanity of the Divine Ideas of the first three rays.

The Fourth Ray is known as the Ascension Ray because the knowledge and workings of these Divine Ideas are the core of humanity’s ascension.

The Fifth Ray represents Divine Ideals connected with scientific discovery and medical research.

This Fifth Ray is known as the Ray of Truth and Healing.

The Sixth Ray represents Inspiration.

This Sixth Ray is known as the Ray of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents humanity’s quest to be creators in their own right.

This Seventh Ray is known as the Ray of Precipitation.


The Archangels’ association with the Seven Rays are:

Angels serve from the Emotional Plane to assist humans

to infuse Divine Will into human emotions.


Elohim association with the Seven Rays are:

The Devic Kingdom is ruled from the Mental Plane to infuse Divine Ideals into all physical manifestations.


The Ascended Masters are:

The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions.

Blessings on your Journey HOME

I, Zadkiel, will guide you. Just follow my Violet Light

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie: We Are NOT Alone! by Suzanne Lie and Archangel Zadkiel

The Shift – Reptilian Planet – Earth Changes | Melanie Creator Being Part 3 –

This is the third article covering the two QHHT past life regression sessions that Sian Chua facilitated with Melanie, in Perth Australia. This session was conducted in January, 2016.

Melanie transcribed this herself and I have done the editing. The topics covered are listed below.

  • A detailed description of a planet where reptilian beings live.
  • A future Earth where blue ETs come to visit, after the planet of the reptilian’s has approached.
  • Hiroshima: the damage to the earth and the involvement of a galactic federation.
  • Beings and souls on Earth helping stop the Earth changes, in connection to the shift in consciousness and the area of Easter Island, plus Gnome type beings that live underground.
  • Some information on the end process of the shift in consciousness.

As Sian guides Melanie to a significant time and life, she moves back in ‘time’ to the perspective that seems like the ‘past’.

* * *

The Rotting Toxic Planet of the Reptilians

M: I can’t come off the cloud.

S: So you can’t come off the cloud, what would you like to do? Go up?
M: I don’t think I am on the cloud anymore. I just can’t go down. I am above…. I am in space and I am above a planet but it is too dangerous to go down.

S: That is ok, so you are in space, above a planet. You are an observer? Do you see from where you are? What does the planet look like?
M: There is a lot of darkness, there is a sense of evil.

>>> Read on ……..

Source: The Shift, Reptilian Planet, Earth Changes | Melanie Creator Being Part 3

COBRA | Pleiadian Situation Update — Pleiadians Regaining Territory and Contacting Discarnate Humans + Fear Clouds Judgement + Asgardia Clarification + Elon Musk and more | Stillness in the Storm

quote {{   The main factor holding back the Event are still plasma toplet bombs.They are still spread along the plasma tentacles of the Yaldabaoth entity. In the head of the octopus around the Earth they are connected to the following:

1. Plasma scalar weapons on the LEO satellites through plasma ultrasound technology

2. Physical biochips inside surface humanity

3. Infrasound plasma scalar devices in the low underground bases of the Chimera

As the Pleiadians have made those advances in the last few days, the Chimera has incited the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors against the Pleiadian race. One example are current „channelings“ of certain entities named „Stan-X“ and „Sherr-On“ that are spreading complete disinformation about the Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement.

Do not let those things distract you. The Pleiadian energetic contact with the most awakened and least programmed Lightworkers and Lighwarriors will increase. Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light without any hidden negative agenda, as anyone who has ever met them can confirm from their own experience.

The second main factor holding back the Event is the deep mind programmed state of the surface humanity which has chosen the slowest path possible towards the Event. Now a small minority of people is overperforming and carrying the load of Liberation for many, whereas the vast majority is underperforming and just complaining. Many people are asking me what to do to speed up the Event. The answer is very simple: each of you has been born with a mission. Go inside, discover that mission and carry it out. All our missions combined will create the Event.   }} unquote


The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016. The Sirian and Andromedan fleet was not affected so strongly by the events in September and early October and was able to hold their positions better.

>>> Read on…..

Source: COBRA | Pleiadian Situation Update — Pleiadians Regaining Territory and Contacting Discarnate Humans, Fear Clouds Judgement, Asgardia Clarification, Elon Musk, and more | Stillness in the Storm

URGENT MESSAGE FOR ENTIRE GROUND CREW!!! 16 October 2016 @ Galactic Connection – by Alexandra


This last couple of weeks have involved MAJOR PLANETARY SHIFTS through work I have been involved in or privy to. I have received the green light to disperse this information and recommend we all celebrate in such a momentous event.

Firstly, as of Monday the veil has “officially” come down and people will begin to see the truth of who they really are. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see through archeological finds in a new way and exposure of political events.

Secondly, as of Thursday, TIME has been successfully unraveled and disentangled from the Point of Creation. Begin to notice how we are now fully stepping out of time ALTOGETHER.

As of Friday afternoon as well as Saturday morning some of you may have heard a loud sonic boom in the area of San Diego, California. My husband Steve came into my office notifying me of some sort of “explosion” having occurred. This is because TEN Stellar Galactic Ships came in through our sector to retrieve any remaining cabal members on Planet Earth. There was a final violation of all terms and agreements by Cabal Members made to stay on Planet Earth which initiated this response by Ashtar’s Allied Forces. It has been confirmed that air raid sirens went off in San Diego as well.

Nuclear missiles were activated in Montana by The Cabal in response to this event but were immediately shut down.

Also, there are confirmed reports that US bankers run by The Cabal have been closed down in foreign countries and are no longer willing to receive large bills of US currency. They will take them but do not want them.

Lastly, I would like to share some helpful information with you that has been passed down to me. IF you are waking up sore, especially in the hips and back area, COMMAND that you no longer need to go into the underworld to seek out or retrieve lost parts of yourself. Prime Creator has taken care of this for you and has all of your crystalline parts that have been stolen from you or hidden away in unknown places. Call forth 2 Guardians of 100% of Sacred Light once you fall asleep to prevent you from going into places where you will only be “beaten up” and where it is not for your Higher and Best Good. This is no longer needed.

I sincerely wish all of you a fabulous Sunday afternoon. This is truly an epoch weekend and all of us will look back at this momentous break through with nostalgic appreciation.


Most of this information comes from a trusted anonymous Source.

I love you all-


Source: URGENT MESSAGE FOR ENTIRE GROUND CREW!!! October 16, 2016 | Galactic Connection

The Pre-Pole-Shift Times – by Chris Thomas Wakefield

Thank you very much, Chris, for posting this at your wordpress blog. I can now repost this on my wordpress too.

Sending bright Reiki blessings your way – Agnes Khoo Schwenk

For years I have only posted specific material to this website, however, I’ve decided to include my other Pole-Shift and After-Time writings: the following is a recent Facebook post from my  Facebook group:

As I have matured in my understanding of the Physical-Planetary aspects of the Pole-Shift and of the make-up of Planet X/Nibiru, my opinions have slowly shifted from a somewhat objective approach through a combination of an objective-subjective mental stance, to today being a mainly subjective view. I still maintain my objective view-point of course, but I have always had the subjective approach to PX and the PS, yet it was only as I educated myself and grown over the years where my subjective qualities melded into my current thinking. In other words, the Pole-Shift is not just that, but a massive soul-opportunity.

I remember back in about 2010, there was a Mayan priest who was travelling around the world promoting the Mayan philosophy. In a video, he was interviewed referring to what he called: “The Shift”. Now, I just did a quick search and have found other videos using that denotation, some of which I quickly determined to be disinformation, so the original is not easily found these days, as is to be expected. His message though, was one that impressed me greatly at the time: Love. He was saying (through an interpreter) that Love is the most important quality we need during these times. That message stuck with me all these 6 years, and now has become a large part of my Pole-Shift message.
Why Love? Simply because the mind is severely limited in it’s ability to determine all of it’s needs, for example, in the face of such an impossible-to-imagine global event such as the Pole-Shift. Simply put, our mind only drives our body, like an axe chopping wood or a boat motor pushing a boat along a lake. On the other hand the Love-Mind, registered as the heart chakra, paradoxically transcends the body in a limitless way to the original source of Soul, therefore it is not confined by bodily desires or living conditions. Some people confuse love with emotions or other life-aspects such as human bonding between partners, etc., this is not what I am referring to. Spiritual Love galvanizes soul to it’s destiny clearing the blockages in the way before it. It generates health, attracts other like-minded souls in contact and provides a persistent base of reality that stuns the ego into silence and fills the heart with unspeakable joy that alters the body to resonate beyond this Universe to a multi-dimensional scale-of-Universes.
One expression fairly encompasses the Love aspect of human expression: “unconditional Love”. Unconditional Love is good physics because it wraps the thinking mind, the ego-consciousness, in a cocoon of vast spiritual support that transcends all the abilities that ever were, and ever can be found within the human mental condition. This is why unconditional divine Love is the end-all of human accomplishments. More can said of Love as an essential Soul journey, but on Earth, we are distracted with surviving, and indeed, thriving after our impending Pole-Shift.
For those of us who remember our “sleep” dreams, I say that the dream process is 24/7/365/lifetime. For those who do not remember their dreams, who say: “I don’t dream”, I say to you: “you do dream, you just don’t remember them”. It’s all the same encompassing both camps, the difference is in the consciousness of the individual, but regardless, dreaming is like breathing, we do it to maintain our lives, whether we remember it or not.
The dream experience remembered, is often the remnants, or bits and pieces, of experiences that the present ego-consciousness (your thinking/waking mind) can accept into itself. Crudely put, a carpenter easily accepts concepts of saws, wood sections, nails, etc., so his “sleep” dreams will often include such objects. Whatever we do during the day, those memories and experiences are often employed by the subjective mind to convey what it was that was going on while your body was sleeping.
Sometimes people clearly remember their entire “inner” experience, or a much clearer rendition of what transpired, while their body was asleep: it depends on so many things. One way of having a clear dream experience is to allow yourself to go into sleep mode, but stay awake not-thinking. It may surprize some, but you can live and respond to our daily lives perfectly well not-thinking. If you notice, most times we “go to sleep” thinking the whole time and then wake up in the morning and were unaware of the moment we went into full sleep. When we stop thinking while in a state-of-Love, we start living as Soul.
Most of us understand, that as humans, we have many mental filters that both focus our attention or prevent awareness’ of the other aspects of Life, it just depends on our education, our family environment, our genetics and, frankly, the age of our Soul. In many cases, these filters work like blinders, preventing us from a broader view of our lives. These filters, or barriers, are what is at play when we “wake-up” after a sleep. At first, we remember the dream pretty well, but as we slowly start our morning, our ability to remember the details of our dream slowly slip away: this is because our ego-mind becomes fully operational. It does depend on the message of the dream too: Some dreams carry a message so important that we wake-up sweating and realizing in a very dynamic way, that something is about to happen, this is an example of what we call a pole-shift dream.
Waking dreams are simply the dream process impinging itself on the ego-mind while it is activated. During the day, we are bombarded with messages encoded within our daily experiences. All these messages are from over-soul, “God” if you will, telling us exactly what we need to know, but with a simple condition: they require interpretation. These interpretations use a common language which we are all familiar with: symbols. Typically, we think of the colour green as life, red as stop or extreme caution, blue as spiritual or “think” or perhaps “sky”. Many times textual symbols (road signs) are used where ….

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Source: The Pre-Pole-Shift Times.

The White House Just Issued An -Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event?” | Geomagnetic “Collapse” and Storms 1 Day Later — Commentary by Justin | Stillness in the Storm

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quote {{  I thought I’d share this with all of you and also say that while we should take these things seriously, preparing for it both internally and externally, there is nothing to fear as it is part of a natural cycle.

But society’s use of technology that is not protected or takes into account that changes in space weather will affected civilized life and most likely cause problems.

As such, seek to free yourself from the dependence of electronic media and reconnect with nature and the inner fire of consciousness, which opens the mind and heart to allow the transformations currently unfolding to take place with ease. }} unquote

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order for the purpose of preparing the government and infrastructure related thereto due to expected increases in the effects of solar weather. The order appears to be an acknowledgment of the solar minimum period that is set to peak in the coming years. This natural eleven-year cycle will affect the electronic infrastructure of modern society during times of extreme solar weather, along with increases in cosmic ray activity that affect human health. In addition, the magnetic shield of the Earth (the magnetosphere) has also been weakening, reducing the protective barrier that will affect weather, seismology, and human consciousness.

Within certain circles such as those expecting an ascension event or grand shift in human consciousness, there appears to be scientific evidence to support the notion that humanity is indeed entering a cycle wherein the potential for grand changes are present. These energetic shifts affect the earth at large but are individuated in that depending on a person’s vibrational state and coherence, they will either experience great leaps in consciousness evolution or what has been called end times madness, according to proponents of energetic ascension.

The fact that Obama released this order leads some to conclude that “the Event” spoken of by many who subscribe to these beliefs may be secretly acknowledged, especially if certain whistleblowers and insiders like Cobra, Corey Goode, and many others are to be believed.


For those of us seeking to prepare for changes, the inner work of raising our consciousness via what I call self-mastery or inner alchemy is desirable. The principles of resonance or harmonic entrainment enable the temple of the body to be cleared of blockages that would otherwise cause disease and discomfort, whether mental, emotional or spiritual.

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Source: The White House Just Issued An -Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event?” | Geomagnetic “Collapse” and Storms 1 Day Later — Commentary by Justin | Stillness in the Storm